am 07.07.1942 nach dem Morgenappell erhalten 700 "Häftlinge" Zivilkleidung. Gegen Mittag verlassen die Häftlinge unter Bewachung das KL Auschwitz und marschieren zur Bahnstation. In dieser Gruppe befanden sich etwa 690 Polen. Ziel ist das KL Mauthausen.

Bericht des des ehemaligen Auschwitz Häftling Kosinski Jan zu dem Transport
"July 8, 1942, about 08:00 hours shuttle reached the goal The body of lime [in the car - KA]... Bakes and burns, man from lack of air and very, very thirsty choking There was last struggle for life all are weak , and those who are already the most vulnerable do not count, because dying or broken on the wheel. You are now side by side in lime, feces and urine and did not respond.
Last legs grabbed their own bundles wyskakiwaliśmy of car and falls to the ground. At pick everyone got a firm step. Denied fresh air, and the sun still blinded eyes. In our car there is still a lot of prisoners who do not have the strength to get out had itself. With reluctance, as in slurry, was elegant shoes of SS car and blows forced drop off exhausted. Part did not respond - pressed motorists down. After checking that everything a man named, she entered, cars were closed because it smelled awful. "
The train was traveling through Moravia. That's where escape was described by the participants Tadeusz Kepa. In retaliation for the escape of the prisoners from the same car were punished in Mauthausen, 25 sticks of flogging.
Shortly after July 8, 1942, soon after his arrival up to 400 prisoners were separated from the transport, and sent them to Gusen. In the list of prisoners "shifted" the date of the event is not reported to Gusen. Deleted from the list of names refer to the enormous difficulties in completing the czterystuosobowej group. The reason for the appearance of the prisoners from the list either death or poor health. Including a list of 8 people applied. Another, at least 61 people were sent from the Auschwitz transport until August 4, 1942 years Gusen.